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Walk on water and stay dry!!! This is fantastic fun for the whole family.

When you step out onto the water in your own ball and experience water walking for the first time you will fall in love with it.

Run, jump, roll, spin and tumble without hurting yourself, the fun goes on and on.

Located on the lake at Robina shopping centre we are easy to find, look for the big  balls in the water.

The kids and Dad can go in Robina Water Balls while you get some shopping done or have a coffee and relax.

Robina Water Balls are designed especially for you to walk and float on water. The Robina Water Balls consist of a very simple and unique design – we help you inside, we fill it up with air, then close the tab and your fun begins. Kids and young adults can run, walk, skip, jump, roll and float on water. It’s fantastic and great fun. Bounce around with friends. See who can stand the longest or walk the furthest.

They are 6.5ft diameter and made of a special material with an airtight/watertight zipper. Exceptionally entertaining and great exercise. However, the balls are so much fun they will want to do it again and again!

Robina Water balls provides a safe, fun environment where children, teens and young adults can engage in a new fun, exciting and entertaining activity.

The Robina Water Balls are a definite must for everyone and is a fun, energetic healthy way to keep Children (and adults) fit and happy.

Just hold onto the sides of the ball and lean forward. Then walk or run slowly. After a little practice you will be quite literally having a ball.

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